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About Lending Basket

Lending Basket Private Limited is a fin-tech startup. We are here to educate, Facilitate and empower consumers with the widest choice of the best and the most affordable financial products in India. Here, we are passionate about simplifying borrowing journey of our customers by bridging the gap between the lenders and the borrowers, our dedicated team works 24X7 to ensure fastest approval and disbursal of the applications. Our Company has invested its recourses in developing technology tools based on big data analysis which facilitates lenders to evaluate borrower's credit worthiness and provides other related services. The brand "Lending Basket" has online as well as offline presence. We reach out to prospective customers through tele-calling (as a response to online/offline queries), field sales, corporate events, official online platforms including our website and social media web properties. We do not charge customers for our services and extend product assistance at 100% free of cost.

about us

Lending Basket


Lending Basket endeavors to improve the financial well-being of its clients by providing competitive financial products and services, while remaining ethically and prudentially sound, client focused and guided by the principles of mutuality.


What we want the community to see?
  • Contemporary and vibrant financial services
  • Powerful & Captivating Brand
  • Product & Services that people want
  • Visible commitment to our clients
What we want our clients to experience?
  • Extraordinary Service, where needs are the focus
  • Timely communication of product and service offerings
  • No Cumbersome Process
  • All queries answered
What we want staff to experience?
  • Serving a good corporate citizen
  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • Appreciation through appraisal programs
  • Strong alignment of work efforts



Our Team

Mr. Lokesh Yadav

Company Secretary (CEO)

Mr. Haril Kapoor

Legal Adviser (Advisory onboard at Claradiges)

Mr. Ashish Hetampuria

Chartered Accountant (Financial Adviser)

Ms. Alka Dabas

Legal and Compliance Head